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  2. Artist Statement - Final Project

    “Live it to believe it”

    For my final project I infused two of my favorite things, travel and photography. I happened to be on vacation in Mexico this past week, and since photography is my favorite medium I thought it would be fun to photo-journal my trip and experience and turn the photos into a photo montage. I selected a few of the many photos that I took, and grouped them together and created my own personalized post card.

  3. Final Project: Playa Photo Montage

  4. Proposal For Final Project

    Over the course of the class a couple of ideas have come to mind to do for the final project. I have since come up with something entirely different from my original thoughts. This is mainly because I will be on vacation from tomorrow until next Thursday. My original idea required logging a decent amount of design hours, which I am afraid I won’t have since I will be out of town. Because I like design, writing, text, font, words, thoughts and ideas and I have seen some really cool text art lately, I wanted to create a specific text art that I had envisioned in my mind.

    However, since I am leaving for Playa Del Carmen in the morning I thought it would be fun to create something that infuses two of my most favorite things together – travel and photography. Now if I can incorporate my third most favorite thing in the world, which is live music, into this project then I would be most content. At this point I have a bunch of thoughts and fragmented ideas rattling around in my mind as to what exactly this project is going to be. I’d like to do a photo-montage of my trip and experience in Mexico. I’d also like to get in some video of the art and culture that lives there. I’m aware that the project needs to be an image so I will keep that in mind. I’d also like to include music in the project, or maybe a voice over done by yours truly narrating some of my experiences. I’d like to somehow interject myself into the culture. I think this would be fun. I’m not sure what that looks like yet. Randomly, I have this image in my mind of myself in a white Mexican dress, with a sombrero on, and no shoes riding a mule. Lol!

    Another benefit of this project is that it will also serve as a keepsake for me showcasing my trip to Mexico. It will be something that I can look back on, and think about the memories.

    I don’t have a title for my work yet. At this point, I feel that giving the project a title would be too obvious. I typically come up with the title last because I like to get the creative juices flowing and then allow the project to somewhat go where it wants to go. I find it best to leave a little leeway in the creation process because the creation, for me, often changes and evolves from what I thought it was going to be, into what it is actually supposed to become.

    The central ideas that surround and are important to this work are photography, culture, travel, experience, adventure, art itself, and the beauty of seeing new places and new things for the first time. This is something that we should all continue to do throughout life. At this point I find delight in the idea that, I don’t exactly know the precise detail of this project. I can’t wait to see what inspires me. It will be a surprise, but I will know when I see it!

    There is a quote that I remember hearing from early in the class that really spoke to me. I can’t remember if it was in a reading or not. But I kind of think it may have been one of yours. It went like this, “the job of an artist is to express the world we live in. It’s your story to tell.” So, quite fittingly, that’s what I plan to do.

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    I love when he buys me orchids 🌸💖

  6. Reading Response

    Performance: A Hidden History

    “The avant-avant garde”


    After reading about performance art, or “live art” I have a new found respect for the medium. I can’t say performance art has ever been my favorite art form (with the exception of any kind of live music). I think I, personally, have greatly underestimated it up until this point. Performance art has long been the rebel in the art world. Long misunderstood, not always even being considered a true art form, at times invoking controversy, and more often than not creating confusion as to how to categorize it, because it defies easy and clear cut definition.


    In its early years, it was surrounded by a great deal of angst by both its proponents and its opponents. The futurists created manifestos, and enacted live performances that were often motivated, and inspired if you will, by anti-political, anti-establishment, anti-conventional art sentiment. In 1910 at the Teatro Rosetti in Trieste an unrehearsed performance was enacted where the performers “abused the audience for its bourgeois values triggering a riot.” Other performances thereafter created such a stir that they resulted in public arrests, brawls, violence and media coverage. It struck me as interesting that these “performances,” often against the establishment, seemed to border on protests…Protest as performance art.


    On many levels performance art is the true non-conformist in the art world. Always developing on the fringe, “along the edges of disciplines such as literature, poetry, film, theater, music, architecture, and painting.” “It is a “crossbreed of the arts” with few limitations or restrictions, and consisting of vast and broad elements. No art supplies needed – the human form is your palette, and the world stage your canvas. The manipulation of movement and the human form. It is fluid motion, living, breathing in space and time. Each expression and performance as unique as a fingerprint, because no performance can ever be replicated absolutely identically a second time.


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    West Series

    "West #6"

    10” X 8”

    Photos on Glass


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    Painting Myself Into a Corner by Keith Haring (1979)

    Absolutely love this!

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